Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We at Admission Theory (together with our affiliates and subsidiaries,”us”,”we”, or “our” or “the Company”) are devoted to protecting the confidential data of our stakeholders. Our team is dedicated to safeguarding any authorised details by adopting suitable means to handle crucial information. As a result, we have put in what is referred to as policy.

If you send us any mail, we ensure the data is safe. Only when you register on our website do we collect the required details like your name, mobile number, and personal information while filling out our online form. 


Our main objective of this policy is to convey how we protect your data and promote data security within. Our policy control applies to everyone, including directors, staff, board members and third parties who evaluate your data.


Admission theory offers valuable resources such as scholarship information, university guidance, ranking reports, and personalized expert guidance. So this policy applies to all our services unless specified.

Data collection Sources

Your information is stored in our database through various modes:

  1. Through our registered seminars or webinars.
  2. Going through online scholarship examinations or evaluations.
  3. If you request a quotation from us concerning our goods and services,
  4. Visit our page or view our website.
  5. Comment or reply to surveys.

Strict third-party measures

If any third party processes information based on the Admission Theory website, our organisation ensures your data is safe with the third party. Our firm takes pride in abiding by the rules and regulations and guarantees that employees follow them strictly.